Hello, I'm Paul. I code things.

Yes, you read that right. But not just anything - I craft digital marvels using TypeScript and Rust, because, you know, who doesn't enjoy a bit of type safety and performance efficiency in their life?

Deep Dive

When I’m not not bashing my head against the keyboard (also known as my coding environment), you might find me on my bike, or possibly, indulging in my slightly sarcastic demeanor, which you’ve probably not noticed yet. Welcome to my slice of the internet - enjoy your stay, and try not to break anything, I’ve recently refactored.

Open source

Open source holds an important part of my life. I try and contribute to  as many projects as I can.

Hopes and dreams

That rust gets a more widespread appeal. Thats it.


This service here was written in Deno 🦕 using Fresh 🍋. Running in Deno Deploy.